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Title :日本語の係り結びの消失から見た修正カートグラフィーの意義
Authors :宗正 佳啓
Issue Date :28-Feb-2020
Abstract :The functional categories in the left peripheral area of the cartography have their own discourse function. Force in the left peripheral field activates as a force marker. However, this paper shows that Fin in the left peripheral field can operate as a force marker and a verb moves up to there due to inheritance of [+attract] feature from Force to Fin. The framework presented here provides a straightforward account of V1, V2 phenomena in Germanic languages. English shows cyclic demise of V-to-C and V-to-T movement in its history. A set of puzzles concerning the patterns of the phenomena is explained as a consequence of the analysis which admits gradual demise of verb attraction to Fin. Furthermore, this paper addresses the possibility of occurrence of MoodP between ForceP and FinP in the right periphery of clauses as well as in the left periphery of them. MoodP bears the function of speaker’s mood of utterance and interacts with Force in attracting verbs to Fin. The demise of Kakari-musubi in Japanese is closely related to the loss of verb movement to Fin.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :24350222
Publisher :福岡工業大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/11478/1426
citation :福岡工業大学研究論集
Citation :福岡工業大学研究論集 Vol.52 no.2 p.85 -123
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