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Title :水生植物近傍の溶存酸素のリアルタイムモニタリング
Authors :呉 行正
田村 圭祐
Issue Date :12-Apr-2020
Abstract :Recently we developed a novel optical detection system that allowed real-time in-situ simultaneous monitoring of dissolved oxygen and materials movements at a vicinity of micrometers from an aquatic plant by combining deflection of a probe beam and fluorescence quenching. In the detection system, dissolved oxygen (DO)-quenched fluorescence was monitored, and then DO concentration was calculated from the DO-quenched fluorescence intensity by an algorithm based on fitting calculations of quadric equations in software of Origin. Here, an improved algorithm based on fitting calculations of cubic equations in the most widely used Microsoft Excel was proposed. The algorithm contained Excel macros of adjusting monitoring time between DO and temperature sensor software and digital multimeter controlling software, deleting large noise of fluorescence intensity monitoring, and fitting calculation of cubic equations. Also, fixing aquatic plants was improved. Results showed that the algorithm in the Microsoft Excel gave good results for monitoring of DO at vicinities of aquatic plants.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :24345725
Publisher :福岡工業大学総合研究機構
Comment :エレクトロニクス研究所(Electronics Research Laboratory)
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/11478/1532
citation :福岡工業大学総合研究機構研究所所報
Citation :福岡工業大学総合研究機構研究所所報 Vol.2 p.59 -62
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