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Title :荷重変動下における炭素鋼の摩擦・摩耗特性に及ぼすすべり摩耗履歴の効果
Authors :天本 祥文
後藤 穂積
Issue Date :28-Feb-2006
Abstract :Machines and components in operation are usuallyヽubjectedto varying loads. Despite this, wear testing has usually been conducted under constant loads. In this study, in order to investigate the ef­feels of changes in loading on the transition from mild to severe wear, pin-on-disk type wear tests of carbon steel in contact with itself were conducted in moist air under dry sliding. Dming wear testing, the contact load was changed in aヽtep-wisemanner just one time. from low to high levels. A longer sliding distance under mild wear conditions at low load in the first stage produces a more flattened and oxidized sliding surface with good wear resistance. In other words, a "quasi-mild wear''regime with low rate occurred, sinular to the 1ruld wear. even at high loads in the second stage. The critical sliding distance Ls_ .. ,. い,,in the first stage necessary for the transition to quasi-mild wear in the second stage is given by an empirical formula. The proposed formula indicates that L、·'"'"'decreaseswith an increase in the first-stage load and a decrease in the second-stage load. In conclusion the quasi-nuld wear can be attained under sh01tcr sliding distance at higher loads in the first stage.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :02876620
Publisher :福岡工業大学
Comment :著者所属 : 後藤穂積 福岡工業大学知能機械工学科「Department of Intelligent Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Fukuoka Institute of Technology」 天本祥文 福岡工業大学物質生産システム工学専攻「Material Science and Production Engineering, Fukuoka Institute of Technology」
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/11478/828
citation :福岡工業大学研究論集
Citation :福岡工業大学研究論集 Vol.38 no.2 p.161 -166
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